Strong Reaction - Dr. Fan Long: China's emphasis on science and technology has increased the confidence of the big data industry

28 May, 2019

2019 05 28

In President Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter to the 2019 Expo, he said: “What impressed me the most is that the state has been paying more and more attention to the big data industry, and it’s technology. Also, I am proud of how much our state is investing in science and technology with great expectations.” Dr. Long Fan, an assistant professor at the University of Toronto and the Co-founder of Conflux, said that the vision displayed by the congratulatory letter is the open-mindedness and direction current technological developments need the most. “Technological breakthrough needs communication and the collision of ideas. Innovation is not only about creating something new and re-inventing the wheel but also about improving and optimizing the things that already exist.” Dr. Long Fan mentioned that this was his first time at the BigData Expo in Guiyang, China. The BigData Expo is an international platform bringing the elites of the big data industry together to discuss and promote the development of the industry. "Currently, big data technology depends on everyone for promoting it. We develop blockchain technology and also have excellent scientists and researchers from China and abroad. We all work together and improve together. The big data industry and the process of knowledge creation have no national boundaries."